The Product

Tailorgang is a market place for the fashion (clothing and wearable) industry. Conceived to help users and customers find new tailors, gang and use their services. Birthed to heal the deficiencies in online fashion apps, dress you up from the comfort of your home and create more tailors by encouraging sharing of tutorials, which afford prospective tailors the opportunity to learn.

A Clothing Market 

We are on a mission to build the biggest clothe market from Africa, we are enabling fashion brands to even reach out the more, helping them to setup small businesses that can impact communities.

Master Classes 

Tailorgang brings the idea of social learning, imparting knowledge while keeping it simple and social as possible. We encourage brands to teach the future generation of Tailors, mastering great pieces and designs while interacting and socializing with others.

Improving Businesses 

Tailorgang gives the fashion business owner the opportunity to improve their business. At the core of our Enterprise Resource Planning for fashion brands, we have enabled them to manage customers, payments, deliveries, staff, and a store to sell to the world.

New vision for Fashion business 

Put your creative energy to work - Tailorgang is a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Keep everything organized without breaking your flow - Tailorgang brings your fashion business to live, in one central place. From taking measurement to producing your next big piece, happens like Magic

Collaborate with other Tailors. Learn and share as never before - Tailorgang is built for creative collaboration. Share a big file, Ideas, Designs. Sketch with anyone. You all have the right version and everybody's on the same page.

Create without chaos - OH, I forgot to make your clothes! Sorry I missed the Dates! Wow, I forget he owes me for 8 months! Change all that with Tailorgang; make your business fast, competent and reliable! The world is waiting for you on Tailorgang

Development and Management

Nugi Technologies develops and manage Tailorgang, a software company located in Calabar, Nigeria. You can read more about Nugitech and other projects here